Kenya Lake Conference of Seventh-day Adventists Youth Ministries programme:


  1. Global Youth Day (GYD) Impact: Tree planting ceremony at Kobila Secondary School. All Senior Youths from within East Gendia Bloc are expected to participate on the same on 15th March 2020.

  2. GYD 2020 is scheduled for 21st March 2020 and will be marked all over the Kenya Lake Conference of Seventh-day Adventists (KLC) by the Seniour Youths.
  3. The Youth Week of Prayer 2020 will take place from 21st-28th March 2020.
  4. KLC Masterguide Investiture/Training will be hosted at Oriwo Secondary school from 16th-20th June 2020. The registration fee is Ksh. 1,200.00

  5. KLC Bloc Camporees in 2020 will be conducted at Bloc level- Olare, Wire East, Wire West, Gendia East, and Gendia West between 15th-19th December 2020.